Right Click Bookkeeping Process

So how do practices support businesses with their accounts?

The chunkiest part is the bookkeeping also known as the day to day transactions within the business.

At Right Click, these are the steps involved when you become our client;

1. The transaction occurs, ie. money comes in or out of the bank account

2. Client uploads the paperwork (email, receipt, photo) to Dext

3. Dext automatically extracts some of the data. The Right Click team check the data and amend accordingly.

4. Once published in Dext, the transaction moves into Xero.

5. The team reconcile (match) the items and check for anomalies.

6. The main things we spot are;

  • Payments not matching the bill. 
  • Trial subscriptions expiring & full payment taken.
  • Duplicated payments.
  •  Unpaid sales invoices

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